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EZVIZ Standalone Camera

Interconnected home automation
For you, we have integrated all your EZVIZ products into a single smart home security solution.
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EZVIZ C7 Dual 2k Pan and Tilt Dual Lens Wi-Fi Camera
77.21 € 85.79 € 77.21000000000001 EUR (10% OFF)
Clear and complete coverage thanks to a dual lens

Far more advanced than ordinary cameras, the orb-shaped C7 Dual uses two intelligent 2K+ lenses to achieve protection that may be better than a two-camera kit. With EZVIZ's unique co-sensing technology, the two lenses can film from two different angles or work seamlessly to record the entire process of a single activity. It captures activities triggered by people, animals, and loud sounds, and keeps your family emotionally close to each other with easy camera calls.
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EZVIZ HB3 2K⁺ Battery-Powered 1-Camera Kit
226.51 € 251.68 € 226.51 EUR (10% OFF)
EZVIZ BC1 2K⁺ Battery-Powered 1-Camera Kit with features 2K⁺ Resolution, Up to 365 Days of Battery Life¹ (12900 mAh), Color Night Vision, Smart Human Motion Detection, Active Defense, Customizable Voice Alerts, Two-Way Talk, Weatherproof Design, Base Station Included (Supports MicroSD Card up to 256 GB²), H.265 Video Compression, Smart Integration with Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa-enabled device³, Smart Integration with Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa-enabled device³, Works with EZVIZ Solar Panel for Battery Charging⁴.
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Ezviz DB2C Kit Wire-Free Video Doorbell with Chime
124.87 € 156.09 € 124.87 EUR (20% OFF)
5% Discount
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EZVIZ HB3-Add-On 2K⁺ -Caméra supplémentaire
194.93 € 216.59 € 194.93 EUR (10% OFF)
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Ezviz HB8-KIT Battery Powered Pan and Tilt Wi-Fi Camera with solar panel 6,18W
140.48 € 156.09 € 140.48 EUR (10% OFF)
The CB8 2K camera exemplifies what a simplified home camera really looks like: 100% wireless so it can be placed anywhere, motorized to capture with its 360-degree field of view, and smart enough to provide automated protection for your home . Features such as person detection, automatic tracking and color night vision mean that the CB8 2K delivers performance equal to or better than its wired counterparts while completely eliminating the complex installation of an outdoor camera. When used with the optional solar power panel, the CB8 2K can be a camera you set up and forget about.
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Ezviz H4 2MP Wifi Connected Turret Camera
53.36 € 59.29 € 53.36 EUR (10% OFF)
2K resolution
Active defense with siren and flashlight
Color night vision
Sleep mode for privacy protection
AI human/vehicle shape detection
Two-way calls
H.265 video compression
Free 512 GB microSD memory Optional
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Ezviz EZ-C3WN - 2 MP Wifi Camera, 4 mm / IR 30 m - Microphone - Long range Wifi - Suitable for exterior IP66
86.03 € 95.59 € 86.03 EUR (10% OFF)
The Ezviz H3 2K provides highly accurate motion alerts with its enhanced AI. This security camera distinguishes between cars, people and animals, for example. So you receive smarter notifications and you can set motion detection and motion zones exactly as you want. It records all of this in 2K image quality on an SD card or in the Ezviz cloud. Images can be viewed in the app. In the app you can also talk to visitors. Thanks to its aluminum housing, the H3 can be used outdoors. The camera must be plugged into the mains.
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Ezviz H7c Dual 2K Dual-Lens Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera
75.14 € 83.49 € 75.14 EUR (10% OFF)
Broader and smarter protection with dual lenses

Experience unparalleled indoor vision with the EZVIZ H7c Dual. Using two powerful lenses to ensures comprehensive coverage from top to bottom, the camera provides whole-room protection like never before. Equipped with human motion detection, two-way calling, and crystal-clear day/night vision, it keeps you connected to your home from anywhere, and doubles up your sense of safety with much more flexible features.
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EZVIZ H9c Dual 2K Dual-Lens Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera
118.70 € 131.89 € 118.7 EUR (10% OFF)
Dual 2K lens
Co-sensing for automatic intelligent tracking
Color night vision
Two patrol modes for self-safety
AI human/vehicle shape detection
360 panoramic coverage
H.265 video compression
512 GB free microSD memory Optional
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EZVIZ CS-C1C (1080P,H.265) Smart Home WiFi camera
29.61 € 32.90 € 29.61 EUR (10% OFF)
1080p full HD
Micro SD slot up to 256 GB
Two-way sound + night mode
Compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT
Receive notifications on your smartphone
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EZVIZ H8c Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera
43.45 € 48.28 € 43.45 EUR (10% OFF)
The Ezviz H8c is a motorized outdoor surveillance camera. Its motor allows it to rotate and tilt it remotely, but it can also be used alone to follow movements after having detected them. Just like the C8C that it replaces in the Ezviz catalog, this model is also capable of distinguishing human forms, but provides the possibility of recording directions to facilitate remote piloting. This version films in 1080p HD, but a 2K version is also available.
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